From ideas to facts

As member of Provital Group, our main objective is to contact, to get to know and to support startups or spinoffs in the innovative biotechnology sector, in the marketing sector or in other disciplines related to the cosmetic industry and that require support to materialize or consolidate their project.
With this objective in mind, we have designed a business incubation / acceleration program.

What do we offer?

From Provital Cocoon:

  • Interest and predisposition to know the startup product or project, as well as their expectations and needs. Elevator speech or individual interviews.
  • To assess the magnitude and potential of innovation by providing the necessary support for its feasibility and materialization.
  • To coordinate the teams and services from the different departments in Provital, as well as to facilitate a work space for such coordination.
  • Financial support using its own resources: Capital injection.
  • To explore and negotiate co-funding. Mentoring, Investment Networks.
  • Possible creation of a new company owned by Provital and the startup.

From our headquarters:

  • Provital 's support and its deep knowledge of the cosmetics and biotechnology industries.
  • A R&D department specialized in the development of biotechnological projects and active ingredients aimed at the activity and sensoriality of cosmetics.
  • An in-vitro laboratory and its technicians specialized in different tests on cellular models.
  • A highly equipped and specialized analytical laboratory.
  • A Marketing department aware of market trends and with a great level of experience and success in launching cosmetic active ingredients and innovative concepts.
  • A network of subsidiaries and distributors specialized in the guidance, promotion and sale of performance products, covering the entire international market.

What do we expect in return?

  • 01 Medium-long term impact through the use of the know-how and the technological resources provided by the startup.
  • 02 Reservation of rights over ownership or commercialization of technology or know-how.
  • 03 Different exclusivity models.
  • 04 Strengthening of the Provital brand and image linked to these innovative projects.
  • 05 Access to startup capital (economic and political rights).
  • 06 Revenue sharing.

Provital's commitment with the planet

Because nature is our main collaborator

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